The Cross at Ardboe is unusually tall standing some 20 feet. It is profusely decorated by abstract motives and by a comprehensive series of figure sculptures which are treated with exceptional detail and fullness. Its ornateness sets this cross among the most distinguished of the Irish monuments.

The cross stands on a two-part base, the lower stone rectangular and flat-topped and surmounted by a smaller stone cut in truncated pyramidal form. The base is undecorated except for a simple roll moulding defining the sides. From the base the shaft rises to a band or collar, slightly wider than the sides of the shaft. Above this band the lowest part of the head is treated as a panel above which the open ring, decorated with billets, surrounds the intersection of the arms with the shaft. The cross is finished with a house-shaped cap.

Abstracted from Seanchas Ardmhacha, Vol. 2, No. 1 (1956) p. 81

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