14 Jul – Message to Orange Order Chaplains


I warmly welcome the expression by a representative group of Orange Order Chaplains of their deep sorrow that so many Catholics have been intimidated out of their homes and that several churches have been burnt. This sensitive expression of sorrow is a courageous step on the road to the establishment of new and better relationships in our divided society.

Roman Catholics eagerly share the hope of the Chaplains that the day may quickly come when all the people of Northern Ireland will be enabled to live in mutual respect and neighbourly harmony. Achieving that mutual respect and harmony is a challenge to us all. I unreservedly condemn the arson attacks on a Church of Ireland Church and Orange Halls in recent days. I am sorry that these senseless and criminal actions have taken place. They only delay the establishment of the new relationships which are so badly needed.

Archbishop of Armagh
July 14, 1998.

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