As Archbishops of Armagh we share the widespread concern and fears of many people regarding this year’s parade by the Orange Order at Drumcree.

We recognise the depth of feeling within the Order and within the local nationalist community on this issue.

At this critical time for all the people of Northern Ireland we urge both the Orange Order and the local community on the Garvaghy Road to use every means possible to seek to achieve accommodation. To ensure that there is no threat to human life and no danger of damage to property we urge them to act with restraint, to act peaceably and within the law so that the rights of both traditions may be respected and expressed with dignity.

We are conscious of the tension which this event evokes and pray that a new awareness of the rights and duties of all our communities may be evident at this time.

We urge all with influence in both communities to do all they can to encourage respect for the feelings and aspirations of others.

We pray for a peaceful and just outcome to all controversial events this summer in the name of the vast majority who yearn for a peaceful and stable future for Northern Ireland.

+ Sean Brady + Robin Eames
Archbishop Archbishop