St. Vincent de Paul

Vincent’s Shop Armagh:
19/21 Ogle Street
BT61 7EN 
Helpline: 077 3348 2604

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The Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) is an international Christian voluntary membership organisation. Membership is open to anyone who can adopt our ethos. We believe that everyone should have the means to live life with dignity. Ireland is part of the international Society which is represented in over 140 countries: having 700,000 members and 1.5m volunteers : 51,000 Conferences: helping 30 million poor throughout the world. SVP was founded in Ireland in 1844. It is the largest voluntary charitable organisation in Ireland. Our focus is on practical approach to dealing with poverty, alleviating its effects on individuals and families through working primarily in person-to-person contact by a unique system of family visitation and seeking to achieve social justice and equality of opportunity for all citizens. The Society respects the dignity of those who contact us, offering assistance and advice when sought, maintaining their dignity while assisting them towards long-term self-sufficiency in a relationship of friendship, trust and confidentiality.

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