Apostolic Work is a Voluntary Organisation made up of people who work in different ways to provide help for those who suffer and are deprived. It began in Belfast in 1923 to help missionaries in their work of Evangelization by supplying them with Vestments, Sacred Vessels etc. and with material and financial help to carry out their work of spreading the Gospel. It later spread to the Archdiocese of Armagh under the leadership of the late Margaret Colgan who started Branches in approx. 30 Parishes.

Eighty-five years later Apostolic Work continues to receive and respond to numerous appeals from such Missionaries whose work is still so necessary today. Dedicated members knit and sew and make Vestments etc. as well as garments, which can be used to fundraise. This money goes directly to where it is most needed for Churches, Clinics, Food, Water, Medicines, Street Children and those in great need. In this Archdiocese the centre is 13 College Street, Armagh, from where all materials and finances are dispatched.