Evangelisation and Ecumenism Commission

The mission of the Church is Evangelistion, the spreading of the Gospel with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Ecumensim involves understanding the relationships within and between different traditions, and promoting dialogue and peace.

The task of the Evangelisation and Ecumenism Commission is to promotes and support evangelisation and ecumenism in schools, parishes and diocese.

To that end, in regard to evangelisation, the Commission encourages and promotes the widespread introduction of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) throughout the parishes and/or pastoral areas of the diocese.  Already a healthy RCIA is flourishing in the Dundalk area of the diocese.

As well, the Commission seeks to devise diocesan-wide compaigns to attract fromer mass goers back to Mass and the sacraments e.g. the “Come and See” campaign.  These campaigns enlist the cooperation, and the involvemente fo members of other Commissions whose expertise is required.  This involvement brings an additional level of energy to such campaigns.

In regard to ecumenism, the Commission seeks out, supports and promotes ecumenical events and programmes that are planned thorughout the diocese.  This is particularly true leading up to the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and the Women’s World Day of Prayer.

The Commission will prepare material for ecumenical events or provide information about suitable websites from where appropriate material can be sourced.

The commisssion publishes annually on the diocesan website an account of the ecumenical activity thtat has occurred throughout the diocese in a particular year.  This is an extact from the Annual Report to the Bishop’ Conference on ecumenical activity across Ireland.  The diocesan contribution is compiled by Fr Padraig Murphy.

Commission Members:
Alan Connor, Fr Padraig Murphy, Fr Sean Dooley, Tommy Burns, Joe Purcell