Vicars General

In accordance with the Code of Canon Law the diocesan bishop must appoint a vicar general who to is to assist him in the governance of the whole diocese. One vicar general is to be appointed unless the size of the diocese, the number of inhabitants, or other pastoral reasons suggest otherwise. The diocesan bishop can also appoint one or more episcopal vicars, namely, those who in a specific part of the diocese possess the same ordinary power which a vicar general has by universal law.


A vicar general and an episcopal vicar must report to the diocesan bishop concerning the more important affairs which are to be handled or have been handled, and they are never to act contrary to the intention and mind of the diocesan bishop.


The Vicar Generals in our diocese are:

Rt Rev Mgr Colum Curry,PP,VG
Parochial House, 6 Main Street, Beragh, Omagh
Co Tyrone, BT79 0SY
Tel (028) 8075 8206

Very Rev Eugene Sweeney,PP, VG
124 Eglish Road
 Co Tyrone, BT70 1LB
Tel: (028) 37549661

Very Rev Kevin Donaghy,PP,VG
4 Circular Road, Dungannon,
Co Tyrone, BT71 6BE
Tel (028) 8772 2775

Episcopal Vicars

In accordance with canons 476 ff (CIC 1983) the following priests have been appointed to the office of Episcopal Vicar for the Archdiocese of Armagh to assist the Archbishop in the governance of the diocese:

Very Rev Gerard Campbell, PP, Kilkerley – Pastoral Plan
Rt Rev Mgr James Carroll, PP, Drogheda – Care for Priests
Very Rev Malachy Conlon, PP, Cooley – Care for Priests
Very Rev Benedict Fee, PP, Clonoe – Care for Priests

Vicars Forane

The Code of Canon Law states that the vicar forane has the responsibility of:
promoting and coordinating common pastoral activity in the vicariate;

  • seeing to it that the clerics of his district lead a life in keeping with their state and perform their duties diligently;
  • seeing to it that religious functions are celebrated according to the prescripts of the sacred liturgy, that the beauty and elegance of churches and sacred furnishings are maintained carefully, especially in the eucharistic celebration and custody of the Most Blessed Sacrament, that the parochial registers are inscribed correctly and protected appropriately, that ecclesiastical goods are administered carefully, and finally that the rectory is cared for with proper diligence.

In the vicariate entrusted to him, the vicar forane is to:

  • see to it that the clerics attend lectures, theological meetings, or conferences
  • take care that spiritual supports are available to the presbyters of his district, and likewise to be concerned especially for those who find themselves in more difficult circumstances or are beset by problems.

The vicar forane is to take care that the pastors of his district whom he knows to be gravely ill do not lack spiritual and material aids and that the funeral rites of those who have died are celebrated worthily. He is also to make provision so that, on the occasion of illness or death, the registers, documents, sacred furnishings, and other things which belong to the Church are not lost or removed.

A vicar forane is obliged to visit the parishes of his district according to the determination made by the diocesan bishop.


The vicar foranes in our diocese include:

Fr Martin McArdle
Fr Laurence Boyle
Fr David Moore
Fr Michael O’Dwyer
Fr Aidan Murphy
Fr Oliver Brennan
Fr Peter McAnenly
Fr Malachy Murphy
Fr Liam McKinney
Fr John Heagney
Fr Brian MacRaois
Fr Mark O’Hagan
Fr Gerard Campbell
Canon Peter Murphy
Fr Paul Byrne
Canon Eugene Sweeney

Fr Gerry Campbell

Pastoral Workers
Sr Anne Lyng RSM
Mrs Sharon Dunne

Role of Vicar Forane in Pastoral Plan (Canons 553-555)
and associated challenges