Mullinure Hospital
Message of Support
Cardinal Seán Brady
Archbishop of Armagh

I wholeheartedly support the campaign to retain the existing health services in Armagh. 

I have been both saddened and disturbed to learn that the Southern Health Trust is planning a significant reduction in the services offered at Mullinure Hospital.  Combined with the downscaling of St Lukes’s and Longstone Hospitals, this latest move will unfortunately have the greatest impact on some of the most vulnerable people in society.  It is the elderly, the mentally ill and their families who are going to suffer the greatest pain, hardship and inconvenience as a result.

The whole community is united in voicing its strong opposition to the implementation of these plans.

Armagh, once renowned as a centre of a wide range of health facilities and with a proud tradition of excellent medical care, is facing yet another disastrous blow to its economy and its morale.

I beg the Southern Health Trust to reconsider its decision and to withdraw this proposal and not to deliver such a crippling blow to health care in Armagh.