I want to thank Dr. David Mehaffey, Headmaster, and the Board of Governors for the kind invitation to the Four Church Leaders to come here to Fleming Fulton School this morning. That invitation was received with joy and accepted without hesitation.

It gives us an opportunity to meet and pray with some of the special young people who study at Fleming Fulton School and with those who teach and work in the school. I have heard of the great work which takes place in the school. I have been told about the wonderful shows that have been produced here. It is a joy to come and meet the people involved.

We have come, to join with you, in thanksgiving and to praise God for all of that – we have been inspired by the Assembly Service just now. We pray that God will continue to bless the pupils and staff of Fleming Fulton School.

It has fallen to my lot to unveil the Memorial Plaque. I regard this as a great honour. I congratulate all those involved in establishing the Memorial Garden. A special word of praise and thanks goes surely to the young people who have played a part in all of this work. I know that I speak for all of my colleagues, the Church Leaders, when I say this is a wonderful idea and thank you to all who have worked so hard to bring it about.

I know that I speak for many other people also when I say ‘thank you’ for this Memorial Garden. I speak for the relatives and families of those in whose memory this beautiful garden is being provided. I say thank you on behalf of all those people who are going to come here, in the future, and get consolation from their visit. I understand that some of the young people will, later on, come to beautify it and make this place lovely for flowers. All of this of course is a sign of a great love which obviously fills Fleming Fulton School and makes it a very special place indeed. Long may it remain so. May the Lord continue to bless all who study here and all who teach here.

Thank you.