But this so called festive season is all about the opposite. It should be about slowing down, reflecting and enjoying the anticipated return of Jesus, our Saviour. It is about readying ourselves to receive the gift of Jesus into our lives and to share that same gift with others.

The gift of Advent is for all of us, the opportunity to open our minds and hearts to God. It is a gift of opportunity to make space for him in our lives.  Once we have accepted this great gift then our lives are open to really celebrating Christmas with true inner peace and joy.

The gift of Christmas is of course, Jesus Christ himself.  This is THE greatest gift and it is truly the gift of love.  It is a gift given to the point of overflowing and given freely.  Like the advertisements around us – we are bombarded with it from God.  It is THE ideal gift and it doesn’t cost us a penny.  Have a blessed Advent and a truly happy and joyful Christmas.