Armagh Cathedral Carol Service lead by Archbishop Eamon

The Armagh Parish Carol Service which took place in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh on Sunday 17 December at 5pm. Archbishop Martin joined with St Patrick’s Cathedral Choir in leading the Service and there will be an opportunity for congregational singing. 

As we continue to prepare for the World Meeting of Families 2018, the theme for this years Carol Service was “Celebrating the Gift of Family” and we encouraged all families to make a special effort to attend. On the evening, a lovely Icon of The Holy Family was available to all families and it’s suggested that we place the Icon on the table in our homes on Christmas Day and that our families pray before it. 

Pupils were encouraged to bring Baby Jesus figures from their homes to the Carol Service and have them blessed. Families brought their own Bambinelli and it’s suggested that following the blessing, that people take their Bambinelli home and pray for God’s blessing on our homes and families this Christmas.

Children were encouraged to remember less fortunate children at this time of year and they brought a small gift which will be brought up in procession during the Carol Service. St Vincent de Paul will then redistribute the gifts to children who are in need.