After Fr. Brian White led the group in a decade of the Rosary, he reminded them that they were following in the steps of St. Patrick who had first climbed the mountain over 1,500 years ago.  Then the hikers set off – with their sticks in hand!  The sight of Croagh Patrick covered in mist and fog deterred no body’s determination to do the climb.

The quickest pilgrim made it up the mountain in just 1 hour and 10 minutes.  For some others it was much, much longer.

When all the Armagh pilgrims (well, almost all) made it to the top, Fr. Brian celebrated Mass in the small chapel on top of the Reek.  Drawing parallels with the three apostles on Mount Tabor during the Transfiguration, Fr. Brian said ‘It was wonderful for us to be here’, though he didn’t fancy pitching any tents for the group to stay for the night.

After Mass and lunch the pilgrims headed back down the mountain, weary, tired, exhausted but spiritually refreshed!

It is hoped that the one day pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick organised by the Armagh Diocesan Youth Commission will become an annual event.