The loss of a partner, through death or separation, can be a devastating blow for any husband, wife or partner. Apart from the normal trauma of coping with their loss and grief, many people in this situation feel unwanted and unloved, uneasy with married friends and generaqlly unsure of themselves. They will probably experience a range of emotions and feelings – like denial, in which they find it hard to accept the terrible reality of what has happened.

There will also be times of anger, depression, and even and unwillingless to want to live. To find oneself on one’s own, making decisions, looking after family, and trying to adjust to the new situation can be extremely difficult. But now there is hope through a programme specially designed to help people who have lost a partner and find themselves on their own again.

The Beginning Experience (B.E.) helps separated and widowed men and women to make a new beginning in life by helping them deal with the grief process and to come to terms with what has happened. Gradually they discover for themselves that ‘just existing’ can be transformed radically into ‘new living’. Although the programme has been developed by, and is for, Catholics, it is open to people of any faith or none. The common bond is one of pain and sorrow.

B.E. has been a life line for many people. 

For more information contact the Armagh Diocesan Pastoral Centre, +353 42 933 6393.