The Armagh Diocesan Initiative for

An opportunity to leaven
our contemporary adult experience
with exemplars&rituals
that awaken us from dogmatic slumber!

So as to know&embody The Christ
in The Modern World!

The Chokmah Initiative

This Initative is inspired&nourished by several dynamic factors :

A. The generative work of The Mount Oliver Institute (1969 – 1992), briefly expressed thus :

Who Enslaves ThePeople? Who Liberates ThePeople?
The Urgent TwinQuestions! &What effective Response?
In TheSpirit-of-Jesus-TheNazarene, this Institute dares
To Explore-TheImplications-of-TheBiblicalMythos,
For our ContemporaryExperience
As Groups&Individuals, As Women&Men!
&To take-issue with TheGods-who-Infest-OurWorld!
In TheName-of-TheOne-who Calls-Everyone-toFreedom!

B. The Archiepiscopal Motto of Cardinal Seán Brady, Coarb of St Patrick, spoken in Latin thus :

Jesum Christum Cognoscere

The Motto has been adopted as TheAim of this Initiative, spoken in English thus :

To know&embody The Christ
in The Modern World!

C. The effort to recover & re-member, in partnership with other adult disciples,
the biblical divinities named as

&YAHWEH/ KYRIOS/THELORD (‘HaveCompassion-for-All!’)!

Chokmah especially, &to a lesser degree Yahweh, have been consciously reduced&occulted by the biblical ‘orchestrators’, (‘TheScribes’) for vested interests! &This arrangement ‘in favour of temple interests’ has been claimed to be ‘inspired&word-of-god’!

D. The valuing&enthusement of actual contemporary experience, both individual &collective!

E. The encouraging of a critical&ironic&imaginal engagement with biblical narrative from a 21stC perspective : acknowledging the quite limited relevance or potency of ‘traditional interpretations’, &’rhetorical homiletics’ : both of which largely flow from a ‘medieval mindset’!

The Chokmah Initiative
is co-ordinated in the Archdiocese by

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