It provides a welcome opportunity to explore what it means for  the Church to be both sign and agent of Jesus’ vision of God’s Kingdom, in the context of a changing Ireland.

Our course presenter, Dr Cathy Higgins, works for the Irish School of Ecumenics and is based in Belfast.  She has taught courses on conflict, reconciliation, peace building, churches working together and the role of women in working for peace.
During the course various models of Church will be assessed in terms of their capacity to be open to the world and rooted in the gospel. There will be exploration of ways in which the faith community can be a liberating and transformative presence, embodying alternative values and relationships, in today’s world.
This course is being offered by the Office of Pastoral Renewal and Family Ministry in the Archdiocese of Armagh, in conjunction with St. Peter’s Parish, Drogheda.  It is open to all.  For more information contact 042 933 6649, [email protected] or St. Peter’s Parish 041 983 8537 [email protected].
Topics include:
04 January:    Experience versus Vision of Church
11 January:    Did Jesus Ever Intend To Found A Church?
18 January:    Ways of Being Church
25 January:    Church as Sign of God’s Kingdom
1 February:    The Challenges Facing Church as Sacramental People
8 February:    Being Church in Ireland in the 21st Century