Clonarb (moved to Tynan Abbey)

In the grounds of Tynan Abbey, Co. Armagh, three crosses were erected about the year 1844. Two of these, the “Well Cross” and the “Island Cross” are said to have been brought from the monastic foundation of Glenarb (Clonarb) and the third, the “Terrace Cross”, was removed from Tynan churchyard.

This cross has been placed on the top of a stone vault over a well. The base and a greater part of the shaft appear to be modern. On this is set a short section of a shaft surmounted by a massive solid ring-head with deeply recessed panels and decorated billet mouldings. The angles of the shaft and of the head are rounded and the surface is delimited by a single incised line between two shallow rolled mouldings.

This cross has been set up on a island in the lake. The base and a short length of shaft are modern. The shaft and head have rounded angle mouldings and the surface is delimited by two parallel incised lines. The head is a large open ring without billets on the arcs.

This monument has been placed at one end of the terrace at the south side of Tynan Abbey house. It stands on a substantial stepped base which is said to be modern. Except for a cap the monument is complete and consists of a shaft surmounted by an open ring cross-head without billets. All four sides of the shaft and both sides of the head are decorated by mouldings and small isolated designs carved in low relief.

Abstracted from Seanchas Ardmhacha, Vol. 1, No. 2 (1954) p. 111