IT’s FREE – Come along and enjoy the fun…(a collection will be taken up during the Celebration of the Eucharist and if you can make a small donation to help defer costs it will be greatly appreciated!)

When: Sunday 26th February 2012 – 10.00a.m. – 8.00p.m. (7.00p.m. Leaving Mass)

Where: St. Ciaran’s College, Ballygawley, County Tyrone

Who: The event is for all youth aged 14+ from Armagh, Clogher, Derry, Down & Connor, Dromore, Kilmore & Raphoe Dioceses.

There will be plenty of activities, talks and praise and worship to keep all youth entertained throughout the day.

There will be a wide range of workshops to attend, both morning and afternoon, covering a wide range of topics:

-MAGIS: How does God speak to You? In a relaxed and creative manner we’ll consider relationship with God by inviting each person to reflect on how you communicate love to the special people in your life. How do they communicate love to you?
How is love expressed in the relationship between you and God?
This workshop will give you a flavour of Ignatian spirituality which involves being in touch with your deepest desires and sensitive to how God is present to you through everyday encounters, sights, sounds & conversations! (19+)

-SERVE: Who is the other? How to act local on Global issues: SERVE will be facilitating a very engaging workshop on third world awareness. One workshop will be facilitated for those aged 15-18, and another two for 19+ years.

-Peter Sands: Adoration – Peter Sands will host this exciting workshop on Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament with one workshop open to those aged 15-18, and another two open to 19+years.

-Breige O’Hare: Christ With You Always – We will recognise how powerfully Christ is present within us, acting through us in our ordinary daily lives. We’ll have a greater appreciation of our celebration of Eucharist as an encounter with Christ: Christ loving us so that we might become his love for others; Christ changing us so that, with him, we might change our world. (Ages 19+)

-Martin Kennedy: Living Christian Spirituality – The best way of sharing the gift of the good news is to enjoy it in the ordinary moments of our lives

The workshop will explore six elements of practical Christian spirituality in our day-to-day lives. It proposes that the heart of Christianity is expressed in the ordinary bits and pieces of life, not in separation from them. (Ages 19+)

-Jim McDowell: Discipleship in a Divided Society – Exploring how our identity is formed, how others perceive our identity and what it means for our identity to be found in Jesus Christ (19+)

-Minding Your Mental Health: Awareness will be raised about keeping your mental health in check and suicide awareness. One workshop will be facilitated for those aged 15-18, and another two for 19+ years.

-ELATION MINISTRIES: How we as Catholics can incorporate music as a form of ministry. This is open to all ages.

-Down and Connor Folk Group (DCF): How we as Catholics can incorporate music as a form of ministry. This is open to all ages.

NET Ministries: Exploring how drama can be used in living the Christian life. Suitable for ages 15-18

-Armagh Diocesan Retreat Team- Siolta: Interactive, fun and energising techniques of exploring faith using drama, music, dance and art. Suitable for ages 14-18

-Precious Life: The Pro Life Movement in Ireland – Members of Precious Life will facilitate this exciting workshop on how the pro life movement in Ireland is something which we should each engage with. Suitable for those aged 16+

-Dominic O’Reilly: Living the JOY filled life (Relationships) – Exploring how through your relationship with Jesus, your relationships with Others and relationship with Yourself you can really live out the Joy filled life!

Please bring a packed lunch!!

Further information:

Please e-mail [email protected] to get more information regarding travel arrangements and/or request a booking form.
Place your Diocese name as the email SUBJECT!!

Or contact Dermot in the Armagh Diocesan Youth Ministry Office on 028/048 3752 3084.