The structure to the evening included;
ADYC; who what, when, where, why – basically our commission’s support and resourses to Parishes.
Ideas of how a parish based youth group can be set and structured throughout the liturgical year.
The shYne Programmes which are a 5 week parish pre and post confirmation programme.
The Pope John Paul II Awards – how these awards may encourage young people to get involved in parish life.
Retreats and pilgrimages –Siolta Retreats also talked on how they can act as a stimulus for young people in parish life.

The evening was a huge success with over 30 parishes present and this really highlighted how parishes value their young people.  The evening was designed to show what parish can offer to the young people and there will be follow up training evening for anyone interested in any of the about modules that were presented.

Here is what others said about the evening;
‘Tonight was a landmark moment for Youth Ministry within the Archdiocese of Armagh’ Fr. Brian White.
‘Brilliant night, so many people are leaving going back to their parishes enthusiastic and inspired.  ADYC is CLASS’.  Gilbert Rice.
‘Wow, such a fantastic night, really appreciate the words and testimonials from all the young people.  The Holy Spirit works in amazing ways’ can’t wait to get things started in my parish’. Sinead Walsh
‘After tonight it has helped me to affirm a direction for my studies and I look forward to a future being involved in Social and Youth work’.  Laura Hughes.

If anyone is interested on any areas of training or want to find out more information, please contact Dermot Kelly (Diocesan Youth Director) at the Diocesan Youth Ministry Office on 028/048 37523084 or [email protected]