Steps toward the formation of pastoral area resource teams continues to move forward following a meeting of the Vicars forane on the feast of St Brigid, 2010.

Over the last few months clarification has emerged with regard to a number of matters connected to the development of the pastoral areas.
What is a pastoral area?
A pastoral area is a cluster of neighbouring parishes that support each other and share the collaborative gifts and talents of each parish. With the help of the Holy Spirit, they do this in order to fulfil the mission of the Church to proclaim the word of God and further the mission of Christ in the world.
What is the function of the pastoral area resource team?
Under the leadership of the Vicar forane the pastoral area resource team will help to strengthen each of the parishes in the pastoral areas by:

1. ensuring the effective sharing of the collective gifts and talents of the parishes in the pastoral area

2. identifying pastoral matters that can be done better together as a pastoral area than separately as individual parishes.
What is the make up of the pastoral area resource team?
The pastoral area resource team will consist of five people from each of the parishes in the pastoral area.  There will be one priest and four parishioners.  Each of the church areas in the parish is to be represented.   Of the four parishioners, one is to be a member of the parish pastoral council, Ideally, two are to be under the age of forty and there is to be at least one male and one female.
What is entailed in being a member of a pastoral area resource team?
When and where will the formation sessions for the pastoral area resource team be held?
The dates and venues are as follows:
Pastoral areas A, B, C, D and E will meet in the Glenavon Hotel, Cookstown on:

Tuesday 9 March

Thursday 15 April
Wednesday 26 May
Pastoral areas F, G, H and I will meet in the Armagh City Hotel on:

Wednesday 10 March
Thursday 22 April

Monday 24 May
Pastoral areas J, K, L, M and N will meet in the Carrickdale Hotel on:

Thursday 11 March

Wednesday 14 April
Monday 10 May
Pastoral areas O, P, Q and R will meet in the Boyne Valley Hotel, Drogheda on:

Thursday 18 March
Wednesday 21 April

Thursday 20 May