Cardinal Brady said “We asked for today’s introductory meeting with Chief Constable Baggott to welcome him in his new role as Chief Constable of the PSNI and to discuss some of the significant issues currently facing our society.

“Today’s meeting gave us an opportunity to discuss ways to improve cooperation between local communities and the PSNI.  We believe that the common good is best served by such a positive working relationship and we call on everyone to support the police service.”

Chief Constable Baggott described the meeting as very important and said “I was delighted to meet Northern Ireland’s main church leaders.  I believe it was important for me to talk to them early in my time here.  I found it extremely valuable.  Churches play an influential part in giving us a sense of community.  Over the years – and especially through some of the worst times – they have been a force for stability and good.  They have a crucial role to play as we continue to move forward and develop as a society. I know that frontline police commanders engage regularly with religious and community leaders in their areas.  I believe that we have a common goal in creating a safe confident and peaceful Northern Ireland.  I look forward to a growing and positive partnership with religious leaders across all communities.”

Dr Carson said “We are extremely grateful to Chief Constable Baggott for meeting with us today.  His extensive experience of community policing and clear leadership skills will be of great benefit to the people of Northern Ireland in the years ahead.”