Over the next few weeks, visitation teams will be at work in four parishes in the Archdiocese of Armagh. This is a pilot project called “Galilee” and it has been organised by the Diocesan Vocations Commission and the Office for Pastoral Renewal and Family Ministry. The parishes to be involved in the project are Dungannon, Kilmore, St Patrick’s and Holy Redeemer, Dundalk.

Visitation of homes used to be a big part of the ministry of priests and religious but as the number of priests and religious declines, it’s becoming more difficult to keep this important point of contact alive and so a number of committed lay people will engage in this initiative in each of the four parishes during October.

Galilee was a place in the gospels where Jesus felt welcomed and he promised that he would meet his disciples there after he had risen from the dead. It’s hoped that as the visitation teams engage in the work, that they will receive a warm welcome as they visit many homes on behalf of their local Church.

Over the coming weeks, let us pray for those involved in the work and we pray especially for the success of the project.

Galilee Prayer

Jesus, Galilee was a place where you felt welcomed and at home.

It was there that you worked many of your miracles.

It was from there that you called many of your first disciples

You promised them that you would meet them in Galilee after you had risen from the dead.

Lord, make each of our hearts like Galilee.

Help us to be welcoming and hospitable. Give us the grace to be receptive to your words of life and healing.

Give us new eyes to recognize you in the midst of your people.

As we meet one another, remind us that you are ever present, that you always go ahead of us preparing the way.

Bless us Lord as we journey in your name, AMEN.