Key Aims
The key aims of the programme are:
To prepare people to participate in pastoral leadership roles in parish, community, pastoral area and diocese;
To heighten awareness of the nature and significance of theological discourse, facilitating its study in the public space;
To provide participants with a clear understanding of the theological and philosophical traditions of contemporary Christianity;
To enable participants to engage in a dialogue between the Christian traditions and contemporary experience in a pluralist, multi-cultural Ireland;
To facilitate those who are interested in a level 8 award in theology and life-long education.
The Programme
The certificate in theology and life-long education consists of 12 modules offered between November 2009 and June 2011. Further progression to Diploma and Degree is possible. The programme begins with an orientation evening on Tuesday 3 November 2009. Of the six modules offered in the first year four will be held in the dungannon Centre on the Tuesday evenings. Participants will meet twice during each module (for one and a half hours) in small local groups to engage in structured discussion. In addition the internet will be used to provide on-line discourse once during each module.Modular Elements
Church: A Pilgrim People
Vitality of the Bible: To Act According the the Gospel
Doing Theology Together: Mater Dei Seminar
Wise Decision: Moral Dimensions of the Christian Life
Soul Space: Christian Spirituality in the 21st Century
Vitality of the Bible: From Let There Be Life to Let My People Go
Fashioning a People: Evangelisation and Catechesis
Ecumenism: That They May Be One
Doors to the Sacred: Sacraments in the Life of the Church
Parish: Tending to the Vine
Liturgy: Source and Summit of the Christian Life

Participants must be sponsored by a parish or religious community. The sponsor pays £1000 /€1125 per year while the participant pays £450/€525 per year. Application forms are available from the Office of Pastoral Renewal and family Ministry. To request an application form contact the Office of Pastoral Renewal and Family Ministry, 00353 42 933 6649, Armagh Diocesan Pastoral Centre, the Magnet, Dundalk, Co Louth.