The students are all participating in this the pilot year of the Pope John Paul II Awards in the Archdiocese.The award launched in October has generated a high level of interest amongst schools and parishes and is proving an excellent vehicle for securing the involvement of our young people.

The photos show the first in a series of initiatives planned by the youth of Cooley for their community. On Sunday 31st January the group of young people got together to participate in the keeping alive of one our oldest customs in Ireland,the making of the Saint Brigid’s Cross. Lead by Fr Tommy and with the help of a few locals the group got together for an evening of celebration,music and prayer as they worked together bridging the generations in the small community. The young people created special invitations for their elderly neighbours who lived in the nearby fold,who were delighted to be asked along.Those in attendance marvelled at the enthusiasm,energy  and kindness of the young people  during what turned out to be a great evening’s fun.

Next up for the young people is the provision of music and singing at mass in the parish with the lenten season proposed as the ideal time to begin. Already through the cooperation of their school they have been involved in the planning of activities to raise money for  Haiti recently devastated by that terrible earthquake.Whilst they are remaining tight lipped about any details of events they will be carrying out for this the social awareness part of the award early indications are that they will be a great success due to the cooperation and leadership skills of those involved. We wish them well.