On Sunday 26th January, five of the students for the permanent diaconate received the Ministry of Acolyte.  The Mass was lead by Cardinal Brady in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh.  We pray for the five men that have stepped forward in this ministry of service and as they journey towards the permanent diaconate.  They are:

Philip Carder, Holy Redeemer, Dundalk
Paul Casey, Haggardstown and Blackrock
Dermot Clarke, Tallanstown
Kevin Duffy, Clonoe
Malachy McElmeel, Armagh

We ask God to bless these man as they continue forward in service in our diocese.

“In performing your ministry bear in mind that, as you share the one bread with your brothers and sisters, so you form one body with them. Show a sincere love for Christ’s Mystical Body, God’s holy people, and especially for the weak and the sick. Be obedient to the commandment which the Lord gave to his apostles at the Last Supper: “Love one another as I also have loved you.”

(Taken from the Rite of Institution of Acolyte)

Click here to see some of the photos from the Mass.