Drumcree Parish
St John the Baptist Church, Portadown, Co. Armagh
Friday 10th October 2008 @ 8.00pm
Ticket information: (028) 3835 0610
Termonfechin Parish
Church of the Immaculate Conception, Termonfeckin, Co. Louth
Wednesday 15th October 2008 @ 8.00pm
Ticket information: (041) 980 2752 or E-Mail: [email protected]

John Michael Talbot is acclaimed by many as the world’s leading Catholic singer/musician over the last 25 years, recording over 50 albums. He is probably best known and liked for his calming, meditational songs, but he has written for liturgy and personal prayer in various ‘styles’.John Michael is making a return trip to our Archdiocese after two previous visits. In November 2003 he sang in our Cathedral to a full house. People came from near and far that night to hear his uplifting and inspiring songs. With guitar and voice he led us through two hours of praise and reflection. The concert gathered people from different Christian communities, united in prayer in our beautifully restored Cathedral. In April 2005 he sang once more in our Cathedral and a few nights later in the Church of St Nicholas, Dundalk. Both nights saw great crowds join in this Musical Retreat led by our gifted visitor.His story is one of a great vocal and musical talent who comes to know Jesus Christ. In John Michael, who joined the Catholic Church in 1978, you will meet someone using his obvious gift to help spread the Good News. He sings and plays with conviction as a ‘Troubadour’ for the Lord. He is the founder of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity community which is based in Arkansas, USA.

Check out the official website, for more information about JMT, his ministry, and a chance to listen to some of his songs. Maybe this is your year to experience the peace and joy of God through the voice and the lyric of this humble Troubadour for the Lord. Drumcree Parish are asking £7 donation per ticket; Termonfechin Parish are asking €10 donation per ticket. For further information on ticket availability please contact the two hosts.

See you there?