It is, without doubt that the legacy of Nelson Mandela is one where reconciliation and hope are the hallmarks.  The recent movie ‘Invictus’, tells a brief story of how Mandela used his personal skills to overcome the negativity of his captivity and to forge a new path for South Africa under his presidency.   Forgiveness was key to his success.

Lent and Easter for us are all about reconciliation and hope.  Forgiveness is key to a successful Lenten journey and an Easter life – filled with joy and hope. Such are the elements that Jesus preached about and lived, especially on that Good Friday on the cross when he reached out in forgiveness to those who had brought him to that terrible moment.  Perhaps the one person we need most to forgive is ourselves, knowing that whatever we have done God has already forgiven us!

To live as Easter people is to know that forgiveness and to share that forgiveness. It is to live in a new hope – the new life of Easter which finds us reconciled with God and with one another.