Lenten Reflections in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh

On each of the Tuesday evenings during Lent, a guest speaker will join and offer their thoughts in St Patrick’s Cathedral at 7.30pm to help us reflect on each of the following themes. People may wish to join in person or via St Patrick’s Cathedral Webcam.



Tuesday 8 March        “Giving witness to faith in the world today”. (Malachi Cush)

Malachi is a singer/songwriter, producer and presenter from Donaghmore, Co Tyrone. He has worked for many years in the music and media industries and he has presented with BBC, UTV & Irish TV. He’s a man of deep faith and he has produced and performed at many events within our Churches and he’s a member of the Diocesan Synodal Core Group. Among other things, he’s currently studying a programme in Pastoral Theology.

Tuesday 15 March      “Only in God is my soul at rest, in Him comes my salvation”.       (Sr Elaine Kelly)

Sr Elaine is a Poor Clare Sister, a native of West Belfast and a guide on The St Patrick’s Way, hosting walks around the life and legacy of St Patrick in Co Down. She was a barrister at law for a number of years and a former Adoration Sister and lived in community in Belfast. Sr Elaine says that she’s now “living the dream” as a child of God in St James’ Parish, Monksland, Co Louth and she lives in community at Faughart Monastery, close to the birthplace of St Brigid.

Tuesday 22 March      “Covid-19 – the call to look forward in a spirit of hope”. (Dr Bob Brown)

Bob lives in Armagh and he retired recently after working as Chief Nurse and Director of Community and Older Peoples Services in the Western Health and Social Care Trust. He now plans to continue some nursing practice while exploring a range of voluntary and community service opportunities. He’s a member of St Mark’s Parish and he hopes to develop a wellbeing and spiritual support service for people connected with the Church. He’s currently studying at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute and Trinity College, Dublin.

Tuesday 29 March      “Finding God in a Pandemic World”. (Oisin Walsh)

Oisin is from Trim, Co Meath and he has been working in the Catholic Communications Office in Maynooth, Co Kildare for the last three years. He’s a man of deep faith and whilst working to help promote the Catholic Church throughout the country, he’s also assistant to the editor of Intercom (a Catholic pastoral and liturgical resource.) He writes regularly on religious matters and his articles can often be read on line and in the press. He’s a gifted musician and he plays in a band.

Tuesday 5 April          “Care for oneself amidst the challenges of life”. (Stephen Donnelly)

Stephen has worked in the field of mental health for 30 years. A former mental health nurse, he’s now employed by the Western Health and Social Care Trust as team lead for the regional trauma network and as a specialist Psychologist Trauma Therapist. He has delivered numerous courses/programmes on positive mental health and well being. He resides with his family in Omagh, Co Tyrone and is a keen GAA enthusiast.

Tuesday 12 April        “Grief – a process that’s experienced one day at a time”. (Paul Mallon)

Originally from Co Tyrone, Paul is a counsellor in private practice in Armagh City. He also works with businesses and public sector organisations and is currently the resident counsellor in Southern Regional College, Armagh. Having previously worked in engineering, he works as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. He has contributed EFT meditations to the recently launched “Sibling Grief Club”, a local support group website for the bereaved.