Meet the Planners

Dermot Kelly

Dermot attended the last WYD in Sydney and decided then that he wanted to help organise the next one for the young people of the Armagh diocese. His work skills in event management, have been invaluable in forging links within the travel industry. Dermot is looking after the booking of flights, accommodation, food and travel. Click here to see Dermot interview Fr Zeb about his experience of World Youth Day 2008

Noleen Loye

A veteran of WYDs – with 3 already under her belt and this to be her fourth. Since the last WYD, Noleen has celebrated the birth of her baby son – Matthew along with her husband Tom. Her experience in WYD is very important in giving advice and helping to construct a working plan for the itinerary. Noleen is taking the supervisory role in the WYD co-ordinations while in Madrid. Click here to see Noleen’s wonderful interview abilities from WYD 2008.

Patricia McCooe

As a teacher of a primary school who carries out the role of safe guarding children, Patricia is fully qualified with full up-to-date SELB training and certifications in this regard. Patricia will oversee the safe guarding children aspect on the pilgrimage.

Cliodhna McCormac

As a woman who can converse in 11 languages, Cliodhna is fully fluent in the Spanish language. As someone who has lived in Spain she is the right person to oversee the cultural aspect of the pilgrimage and to liaise at all times with the relevant bodies within Spain. She’ll be teaching us the hola and all the rest. Click here to see Cliodhna skip with joy in WYD 2008

Fr. Mark O’Hagan

As curate in Dundalk, Fr. Mark will oversee, the pilgrims and their preparation in the southern part of the Diocese

Fr. Brian White

Fr. Brian as chair of Youth Ministry in the Diocese will plan the liturgical and spiritual aspect of the pilgrimage in conjunction with the other co-ordinators. Click here to see Fr Brian’s great directing and videoing skills from WYD 2008