The Code of Canon Law tells us that a chapter of canons, whether cathedral or collegial, is a college of priests which performs more solemn liturgical functions in a cathedral or collegial church. In addition, it is for the cathedral chapter to fulfill the functions which the law or the diocesan bishop entrusts to it.

Each and every chapter, whether cathedral or collegial, is to have its own statutes, drawn up through a legitimate capitular act and approved by the diocesan bishop. These statutes are neither to be changed nor abrogated except with the approval of the same diocesan bishop.

The statutes of a chapter are to determine the constitution of the chapter and the number of canons, always without prejudice to the laws of its foundation. They are to define those things which the chapter and individual canons are to do in the performance of divine worship and ministry. They are to determine the meetings in which the affairs of the chapter are handled.

The members of the metropolitan chapter in our diocese are:

Dean: Very Rev Dean Colum Curry, PP, VG
Archdeacon: Rt Rev Mgr Archdeacon James Carroll, PP, EV, VF

Most Rev Eamon Martin, DD
Very Rev Canon Eugene Sweeney PP, VG
Rt Rev Dean Colum Curry, PP, VG
Rt Rev Archdeacon James Carroll PP, VF
Very Rev Canon S. J. Clyne, PE, AP
Very Rev. Canon Michael Crawley, PE, AP
Very Rev. Canon Patrick McDonnell, PE
Rt Rev. Mgr Raymond Murray, PE
Rt Rev Mgr Christopher O’Byrne, PE, AP
Very Rev Canon Benedict Fee PP, EV
Very Rev Canon Peter Murphy PP, VF
Very Rev Canon Michael Toner PP