In his homily, Cardinal Brady said:

This evening we are adopting an Aim for this diocese.  How do we generate enthusiasm, not just for the adoption, but for the actual implementation of this Aim.

Perhaps it would help to ask ourselves two questions – What is the purpose of my life here and now on this planet?  I would suggest that we will likely come to the conclusion that it is in fact to become the Body of Christ, to become the Christ.  But a body dies when it is separated from the Spirit and in the same way faith is dead if it is separated from good works.  It is important therefore that each one of us strives to put on the mind of Christ.  In other words, to adopt the values and imitate the attitudes and behaviour of Christ Jesus.  The Spirit of Christ lives in our hearts in order to pray on our behalf and to bear witness in our lives to the fact that we are children of God.

The main question is: What is the Church for?  The Spirit of God lives in the Church in order to guide it into the way of truth.  The Spirit lives in the Church to unify it and to equip it with gifts so that it can help all of us to become the Body of Christ.  When we welcome the resources which the Spirit provides and work with them patiently and faithfully, then, and only then, will the Church become the Body of Christ.  Then the Church becomes adorned with the fruits of the Spirit, the fruits of the Spirit that are listed by St Paul, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithful humility and self-control.

The aim of the Archdiocese of Armagh reads:

As a diocese,
we aim to be the body of Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit
so that we can live like Jesus in our time and place
sharing Christ’s compassionate love with all.