Feedback will be sought from those using the Policy and Procedures in order to prepare it for print in summer 2010.

Copies of the Interim Diocesan Policy and Procedures have been sent to all Safeguarding Children Representatives and diocesan clergy and are available on the diocesan website.  As part of the release of the documents there are gatherings for clergy, Safeguarding Children Representatives and diocesan safeguarding children personnel throughout the Archdiocese. 

This Policy and Procedures are for use in all parishes and diocesan groups throughout the Archdiocese.  Consequently all staff, paid or unpaid, who are working with children within parishes or diocesan groups in the archdiocese will be required to adhere to the same Code of Behaviour.

Any queries or feedback regarding the new document should be forwarded to  Armagh Diocesan Safeguarding Office, Archdiocese of Armagh, Cathedral Road, Armagh, Co Armagh, BT60 4EQ.