In September, 2009 Cardinal Brady appointed eighteen Vicars Forane to be responsible for each of the new Pastoral Areas.
There have been a number of meetings between the Vicars Forane and the Office of Pastoral Renewal and Family Ministry as they plan the next steps in the evolution of the new structure. Each Vicar Forane has held a meeting with all the priests in his Pastoral Area to brief them and hear their views on ongoing developments

A key element in the next stage of the process will be the role of the Pastoral Area Resource Team (PART). This is the name given to the body that will have the responsibility to support, to promote and to develop the spiritual and pastoral life of all the parishes in the new Pastoral Area. The key question for the PARTs will be:  what are some of the things we can do better together than alone as  individual parishes.  Each parish will have four lay members representing them on the Pastoral Area Resource Team and it is envisaged that they will be appointed by February 2010.

PART will then elect two people from their pastoral area to represent them on the Diocesan Pastoral Council which will be promulgated (brought into effect) by the Cardinal in June 2010.

It is also hoped to have a lay coordinator appointed to assist the Vicar Forane and PART by June 2010.