With the impact of COVID-19 on parish life, the Archdiocese of Armagh has provided an online facility to assist parishioners who may wish to support their parish through their Parish Sunday Envelope / Offertory Collection and Priest’s Dues / Collection.

A step by step guide on how to donate is provided below 


To Donate to a Parish in Northern Ireland

Click the Button Below

To Donate to a Parish in Republic of Ireland

Click the Button Below


Step by step guide for making a donation online:

  1. Click on either: Donate to Parishes in Northern Ireland or Donate to Parishes in Republic of Ireland
  2. Next – select “Add Item” to which collection to donate to: Parish Sunday Envelope /Offertory Collection Or Priest’s Dues / Collection
  3. Next – insert amount of donation
  4. Next – from drop down list select “Parish that you wish to donate to”
  5. Next – select “PAY” button at top of screen
  6. Next – on confirmation screen click “Pay Bill Now” button at bottom of screen
  7. Next – complete personal details and click “continue” button at bottom of screen
  8. Next – complete banking details and click “Submit Payment” button.
  9. Payment is now complete and a confirmation email will be sent.