Parish Details


Email: [email protected]

Parish Personnel

Very Rev Canon Benedict Fee, PP, EV, VF

Address: Teach na h'Ard Croise, 3 Cloghog Road, Clonoe, Coalisland, Co Tyrone, BT71 5EH

Phone: (028) 8774 9184

Email: [email protected]

Rev John McCallion, CC

Address: Parochial House, 140 Mountjoy Road, Brocagh, Coalisland, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, BT71 5DY

Phone: (028) 8773 8381

Email: [email protected]

Peggy Dorman

Gerard Ryan

Phone: 078 3313 7717

Geraldine Fitzgerald

Patsy Taggart

Paul Hughes

Theresa Quinn

Phone: (028) 8774 9494

Churches and Mass Times

Church of St Brigid, Brockagh

Mass Times:

10.30 am10.00 am10.00 am10.00 am10.00 am10.00 am10.00 am

First Friday 8.00 pm; Holydays - 10.30 am

Church of St Columcille, Kingsisland

Mass Times:

9.00 am9.00 am9.00 am9.00 am

First Friday - 9.00 am; Holydays - 9.00 am

Church of St Patrick, Clonoe

Mass Times:

12.30 pm8.00 pm9.00 am9.00 am7.30 pm (Vigil)

First Friday - 8.00 pm; Holydays - 8.00 pm (Vigil), 12.30 pm, 8.00 pm



Address: Coole Road

Phone: (028) 8774 0461

Principal: Mrs Eileen Ward

St Brigid's

Address: Mountjoy Rd

Phone: (028) 8773 8261

Principal: Mr Stephen Baine

St John's

Address: Reenaderry Rd

Phone: (028) 8774 0689

Principal: Mr Philip O'Neill

St Patrick's PS

Address: Annaghmore Rd

Phone: (028) 8774 0661

Principal: Ms Anne McGuinness