Bless us, O Lord, with perseverance. The seeds we are sowing grow slowly; teach us to be patient and to trust.Almighty God, through our baptism you have called each one of us to yourself. We journey with you to be a renewed church. We ask that you empower us to love as you loved and to serve as you served.

We pray for all who work in the diocese, that Your Spirit may seize their hearts and enable them to be true in their ministry.

We pray that we treat all people as being created in the image and likeness of God, regardless of gender, race or ethnic origin.

Awaken within us your spirit so that we may praise and honour you, as our Father and Creator, and enter into a deep and meaningful relationship with you, our God. We thank you for the purpose of the church which binds us all in holy fellowship.

We pray that our priests continue to serve and minister to the needs of your people and that they in turn are nurtured and cared for. May each one of us respond to your calling, and serve you in our daily lives.

Give each one of us, your children, the wisdom to know and the power to fulfil your will. Amen.