Bishop Clifford officially opened the new Adoration Chapel in the parish of Pomeroy on the feast of the Most Holy Trinity, 18 May 2008.The Parish Priest, Father Martin McVeigh, was very appreciative of the work carried out by many people in preparation for the opening and was delighted that great care had been taken to ensure the ensure that the new Adoration Chapel complimented the Church of the Assumption close by, which is a listed building. Fr McVeigh said:

“There has been a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure everything was ready for today and I would like to thank everyone who was involved in any way, from developing the initial plans, laying the foundation for this beautiful building, through to the finer details such as the cleaning and preparation of the Chapel, music, catering etc, building a greater sense of community spirit and pride.

It’s a great source a blessing to the Parish and I’d like to thank everyone helped organise today’s events and to all who turned out in such large numbers. The variety of banners representing Parish groups, organisations and townlands added so much colour and diversity to the celebrations.”

Bishop Clifford officially opened the building by cutting the ribbon at the door and continued by blessing the people and the building, including the corner stone, with holy water. He completed the insertion of the Dedication Stone in the wall with mortar, using the Assumption Church’s Presentation silver trowel (used for the Church’s Dedication by Cardinal Logue on 15 August 1913).

Bishop Clifford then entered the building through the Porch where he unveiled a plaque commemorating the Blessing and Dedication. The Altar, ambo, chair, tabernacle, Sanctuary lamp and Trinity stained glass windows where blessed and then he proceeded through the remainder of the building, blessing the Reconciliation room, lobby, Blessed Patrick O’Loughran meeting room, kitchen, store room and toilets.

A relic in stone of the Saints, used in the Mass Garden at Munderadoe during the Penal Days, was brought in procession and placed on the altar, reminiscent of the early Church’s practice of erecting altars over the tombs in the catacombs.

The sun shone down on representatives from Parish groups, organisations and townland areas as they carried banners, forming a guard of honour around the building, whilst this Blessing took place. Mass was then concelebrated in the Church of the Assumption, finishing with the final procession back to the Adoration Chapel, led by the Joseph Mary Plunkett Band. The celebrations continued afterwards with light refreshments served in St Mary’s Parish Hall. More pictures are available on the Pomeroy Parish Website.

This special occasion was also marked by the beginning of a Eucharistic Healing Mission in the Church of the Assumption, Pomeroy, from Sun 18th May to Wed 21st May 2008 led by Fr Peter Byrne CSsR,. The Mission, dedicated to Our Lady, was opened on Sunday evening at 8.00 pm, where huge numbers of people gathered again to receive a special blessing. Masses continued from Mon-Wed at 7.00 am & 10.00 am with Evening Healing Services at 8.00 pm.