Workshop on Forgiveness in Portadown

Last night saw the second of the workshops on Forgiveness led by Mr Denis Bradley, this time in Portadown. The P&S Commission was delighted to see 50+ in attendance.  As always Denis led us in an exciting and very relevant presentation of forgiveness in all our lives.  Using stories and symbols he facilitated a broad ranging exploration of how we all manage or fail to manage the effect of hurt and the issues around giving and accepting forgiveness.  The 90 minute session flew and this was largely due to Denis and his engagement with the thoughts and comments of so many who were present.  The evening finished with us all saying together the following prayer…

Lord bless me with the grace to seek and give forgiveness in my daily life. “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us ”– Jesus set a high standard, help me to reach it with openness of heart and generosity of spirit.   Amen.



“Just a brilliant night. Loved how concrete Denis made it for me. Needed to think about this for ages “


” Just made for me.  Needed this so badly.  Loved the symbols and sharing.   Thanks a million.”


” Denis at his best ever !!  Loved his workshop last year on personality and prayer.  This time he excelled himself.  Brilliant session.  Well done Denis “


” Needed time to look at issues in my life. This seemed tailor made for me.  So glad I came … and I nearly didn’t ! ” 


” Loved how Denis started with the story and looked at human experience of hurt and forgiveness.  He moved later to the Christian experience and the gospel story of the Loving Father and His two sons.  I just got so much from this even though I know it off by heart,  it just spoke to me on many new levels tonight.  Thanks Denis “