Prisons Week: 10th – 16th October – A Week of Prayer

“Respair” is an Old English word which fell out of use many centuries ago but means “the return of hope after a period of despair”. The prayer tradition of lament helps us to make that journey from a dark place of pain, suffering, fear or sorrow to somewhere that the light can get in. Maybe only through a tiny crack to begin with but bringing a gradual dawning of hope and sense of God’s promise, that we are loved and will never be abandoned or alone. No matter how messy and difficult life becomes, God is never distant and longs for us to let him in.

Please pray with us each day during Prisons Week, these prayers offered by chaplains, serving prisoners, police officers, victims of crime, prison leavers, family members and communities – crying out to God, asking for help, responding in faith, giving thanks for his unending love, grace and mercy.

Let us walk together through the week in prayer and grow in our understanding of the value God places on each one of his children, so that like the ravens we may soar, free at last, trusting in the knowledge of his provision and love for us.

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