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It is now five years since the first official meeting of representitives of the Irish Churches and Ballymascanlon.  At first the mere fact that the Roman Catholic Church was to enter into dialogueswith the other Churches on matters of doctrine and practice was hailed as a great step forward; later many came to feel a sense of disappoiontment that nothing very “newsworthy” seemed to have been achieved.Information percolates only slowly from those who represent their Chruches to the respective governing bodies; and still more slowly and unreliably to the parishes and congregations.  This book is an attempt to provide, within a limited compass, a clear record of what has in fact occurred at the successive Ballymascanlon conferences.It comprises a digest of all the documents, i.e. of the papers contributed by theologians and church leaders and of the reports made by the various working parties set up by the conferences.  It has been jointly edited by a Roman Catholic bishop and by a Methodist layman; the contributors have apporved the summaries of their contributions; and the book is issued on the authority of the joint steering committee which arranges the conferences.

Apart from a brief introduction the editors have avoided comment.  They hope that this publication will dispel uncertaintly about what has taken place and provide a convenient point of reference for the continuing dialogue.

The full text of many of the papers here condensed can be obtained in typescript from the office of the Irish Council of Churches at 48, Elmwood Avenue, Belfast

The Price of Peace

‘Our society is desperately in nmeed of a change of heart.  A change of heart cannot be forced, but it can be evoked.  Only mercy can evoke merc. Compassion cannot be compelled by force or fear; it can only be shown.  By being shown, it justifies itself and indeed justifies justice.  Clemency and mercy are not simply Christian virtues. They can also be forces for political change and social transformation’.During the polotocal and social upheaval of the troubles, Cahal Daly, now Primate of All ireland, was bishop of the Ulster diocese of Down and Connor from 1982 to 1990.The Price of Peace explores many of the dramatic events in Northern Ireland in those years and covers a wide range of issues from paramilitary violence and urban deprivation to the Anglo-Irish Agreement and the case of the Birmingham Six.  The moral and religious themes that emerge in this major work focus on the responsibility of all – government, political parties, security forces and republican and loyalist groups – to face the challenge of ending the tragic conflic in Northern Ireland.

Cahal Daly’s outstanding reputation as a man of vision and courage will be further affirmed by this thought-provoking new book.

Peace – The Work of Justice

Cahal B. Daly has been amongst the most constant and constructive
Churcxh commentators on the Northern Ireland situation over the last
ten years.  His unconditional opposition to violence has been
frequently repeated and reaffirmed.  His condemnation of violence,
however, has always been backed up with constructive and incisive
coommentary on its causes, its effects and its possible remedy.  A
northerner himself, his is only too well aware of the complexities, and
the overtones and undertones of every aspect of the Irish political,
economic and social scene.In 1973, Vertias Publications
published his Vioolence in ireland and Christian Conscience, made up
mainly of various statements and addresses which he had made over the
previous five years.  The book, which has been sold out for some years
now, was welcomed as essential reading for anyone hoping to get a real
grasp of the Northern Ireland tragedy.
Violence In Ireland
It has often been said in the last few years that Church leaders on both sides in Northern Ireland have not spoken out often enough, strngly enough, or constructively enough against the evils of the conflict there.In this book, we bring together statements and articles by Bishop Daly which comprise a very strong and constructive criticism of the conflict, it’s causes and it’s solutions.
Dr. Daly sets out to interpret the word of Christ for all the people involved and offers a clear and constructive lead for Christians who wish to find a just and lasting solution to their problemsin the light of Christian morality.