Rainbows is an international non-profit making organisation founded in America by Suzy Yehl Marta, to help children who have experienced a change in their family through the death, separation or divorce of a parent, or any other significant loss such as the death of a grandparent or sibling. The rainbows process enables young people to work through their grief. Well over 500,000 children and young people have taken part in Rainbows.

Rainbows helps by providing an emotional safe setting in which children can talk through their feelings with other children who are experiencing similar situations. They are helped to articulate their feelings by an adult facilitator or listener. Rainbows helps by providing materials i.e. workbooks, story books, games and activities, which form a structured programme to lead the children gently through the grieving process. Rainbows helps by supporting the children to re-build their self-esteem, enabling the children to name, understand and come to terms with many emotions they experience, reassuring the children who have anxieties or feelings of guilt, and encouraging the children to move towards forgiving those people whom they feel have caused their pain.

The next programme will commence in October 2019:  Wednesdays – Afternoon: 4.30pm – 5.30pm and Evening: 8.00pm – 9.00pm.

For more information contact the Armagh Diocesan Pastoral Centre, +353 42 9336393.