Welcome to the diocesan website.I believe that 2008 is a particularly apt moment to develop and up-date our diocesan website. On the feast of Saints Peter and Paul (29th. June) this year Pope Benedict launched the Pauline year to mark the 2000th anniversary of the birth of St. Paul.  The Pope encourages all of us to read the writings of St. Paul and to reflect on their message for today’s world and see how they challenge us in our faith.

In the Preface of the Mass for the feast-day we read;

“Peter raised up the Church from the faithful flock of Israel.
Paul brought your call to the nations and became the teacher of the world.”

Both men gave their life as witnesses to the faith. Our revised website hopefully will challenge us in our own witness as disciples of Jesus Christ. It will be regularly developed to keep us up-to-date with news at international, national and local level. It will also keep us in touch with our Diocesan Pastoral Plan. Already that plan is being put into effect throughout the diocese. The next few years will be critical for the delivery of the plan. Hopefully this website will keep you informed of developments in this area. All of it is meant to encourage commitment and renewal of faith. Hopefully it will help us individually and as a community to renew our commitment as followers of Jesus Christ. That is the challenge that lies ahead.