About 900 students, teachers, school staff and parents gathered in the Church of the Holy Redeemer, Dundalk on January 24th to launch Catholic Schools Week 2019 in the southern part of the diocese. Archbishop Eamon Martin led a Songs of Praise service, which displayed all the joy and energy of young people relishing a chance to celebrate their faith together. Taking a lunchtime break from their studies, students sang, danced, prayed and listened to an inspiring homily from Archbishop Eamon on the theme of the service – “You too can be holy, like the saints”. Relics of Saints Patrick, Brigid, Oliver, Dominic and Martin de Porres were both venerated and used in a blessing of all present. The highpoint of the service was the beautiful and reverential singing of the Litany of the Saints, using many local and Irish saints names. Videos and photos of this event can be viewed on our YouTube channel “Seinn CSW”.