The prayer and Spirituality group now meet on the last Tuesday Night of each Month and so far have met 12 times.

A survey was sent to each parish. 35 Parishes replied and from these we see that many had in place Eucharistic Adoration, Rosary Groups, Novenas and some prayer groups. The care of ministers arose as a possible need. Some asked for assistance in putting prayer groups into place and in compiling a diocesan Spirituality Directory.

Our Activities to date :

1. Week of Guided Prayer:
We invited 4 Dundalk parishes to an experience of guided prayer
for a week. 22 people attended in all.

2. Advent Retreats for ministers
Sr Rita Mc Crystal (Mercy Newry) led 3 Advent retreats in Holy Family Dundalk, Ardee Parish, & Dungannon Parish

3. Taize Prayer.
Taize style prayer in Dromintee for the 2 parishes of Jonesboro and
Mullaghbawn / Forkhill is on each Wednesday night at 9.00pm.

Three representatives of the Dromore Guided Prayer Team met with the
Armagh Prayer and Spirituality group to share their own experience in this field of prayer.
Plan to retrain some of our own people and restart a Diocesan Team.

5. LENT 2006:
Retreats for Ministers: Portadown (Sr Rita)
Sunday night Christian Meditation led by Fr Declan O’Loughlin
in Middle Killeavy Parish Newry. Lent 2006.

6. Icon Exhibition held in October at the Synod Hall Armagh. Over 60 Icons on view with 3 talks and 2 Prayer experiences. 610 young people (Year 10) came with their teachers, these were given an introductory talk and then guided around the exhibition. Children were given an educational pack. About 700 adults and families visited the exhibition over the 4 Days. Saturday was possibly the least popular day. In all we were delighted at its impact and interest and believe many were enriched by God’s grace and Blessing

7. Compiling a Diocesan Directory of Spirituality. Work has commenced on this and a great deal of information has already been submitted.

Ongoing possibilities:

Existing Groups:
Existing spirituality groups…expanding to more areas in Diocese.
e.g. Cursilla Prayer Meetings Legion…….SVP ……..
These have an already worked out spirituality to offer people.

Charismatic style Prayer
Bethany Dundalk.

Healing Prayer
Mass in Redeemer each month. Does this happen elsewhere ?
Can we promote this.

Christian Meditation Groups

1. John Main based ( Christian Mantra) 2/3 already set up.
2 Ignatian Scripture based meditation..
3 Meditation in Schools.

Weekly Adoration of Blessed Sacrament in every parish.
Book of committed volunteers to take a slot within the day.
A prayer box left on the sanctuary for intentions that are prayed
for during this time within the parish.

Produce prayer sheets available to help people pray during this

Re establishment of trained prayer leaders with possibility of a diocesan group to work in parishes.

Groups using Lectio Divina or Scripture reflections to work in regions of the Diocese ( Vicariates)

Talks / formation in Spirituality and Prayer (Already started).

Retreat possibilities. Small Groups, Parish, Vicariate, Lent retreat for Youth.

Spirituality for aimed at different age groups

Elderly Middle aged Young couples Youth Children