There are two statues, one on each side of the great entrance door to St Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral, Armagh. On the left is St Patrick, apostle of Ireland and Armagh’s first bishop. The other statue is St Malachy, native of Armagh city and the Irish Church’s zealous twelfth century reformer. In the cathedral a stained glass window depicts the third saint who inspired the diocese, St Oliver Plunkett, martyred at Tyburn in 1681. At the re-dedication of the cathedral on 13 June 1982 an historic feature of the ceremony was the placing of a portion of St Malachy’s relics from France together with a relic of St Oliver Plunkett in the new altar.

All three are the patrons of the archdiocese.

St Patrick

St Malachy

St Oliver Plunkett

Litany of the Saints of the Archdiocese of Armagh