Towards Healing

Towards Healing is an independent organisation providing professional support for people who have experienced institutional, clerical or religious abuse in Ireland.





Towards Peace Spiritual Support Service

Towards Peace is a service offering spiritual support for anybody who has been abused, physically emotionally, sexually, spiritually, in a religious/church environment. 

Towards Peace was established in October 2014 by the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the Association of Leaders of Missionary & Religious Leaders of Ireland. 

It is a pathway, a safe space where people who have been hurt can connect with their own spirituality, their sense of God and their own journey Towards Peace. The service is free and is also available to the families of those who have been affected.

Towards Peace understands spirituality as a way of being in, and relating to the world, connected to God and to ones deepest self. Through one to one meetings with a trained and qualified spiritual companion, Towards Peace offers safe spaces for people to attend to their own spiritual life. 

The Towards Peace office hours are Monday and Tuesday 9am – 4pm and Wednesday 9am – 12noon.

For further information:

Phone: (01) 505 3028 or (086) 7710533