Welcome to the website for the Archdiocese of Armagh.  Our website can help connect you to the many different parishes throughout our diocese and connect you with your local priest:

– Clergy A-Z
– Parishes A-Z


If you need to contact our Diocesan Offices for any administrative information you can find the information here:

Ara Coeli
Cathedral Road
Tel (028) 3752 2045 Fax (028) 3752 6182

Diocesan Secretary:
Rev Michael Toner – email: mtoner@aracoeli.com

Financial Administrator:
Mr John McVey – email: jmcvey@aracoeli.com

Administrative Staff:
Mrs Caroline Hicks – email: chicks@aracoeli.com
Mrs Bernadette Lowe – email: blowe@aracoeli.com
Mrs Clár Doherty – email: cdoherty@aracoeli.com
Mrs Sharon Murphy-email:smurphy@aracoeli.com


If there anything you can’t find on our website, have a search using the bar at the bottom of the page.