Marty Haugen is one of the best known composers of liturgical music today. From Egan in Minnesota, he has recorded over 200 collections and he has written more than 250 pieces of worship. His pieces are familiar with many choirs eg Shepherd me O God, All are welcome, Mass of Creation. He has been the guest director for the Irish Church Music Association on a few occasions and he has published with GIA Music.

Tony Alonso is a younger composer, also from Minnesota but he is currently director of music at Marymount University, Los Angeles. One of his great interests is engaging with young people in the life of the Church, drawing from his experience in university in ministry. He also publishes with GIA.

In their workshop Marty and Tony will share their music and their experience of music ministry with the contemporary Church, with special emphasis on the themes of justice, peace and reconciliation.

They will also offer some music for Lent and Easter. Each participant will receive music resources which can be used for various occasions throughout the Church year.
For further details contact Fr Peter McAnenly (028 87722631)