We have a job to do this October as we celebrate Mission Month. There are approximately 1,500 Irish born missionaries working in more than 80 countries.

They continue to spread the Gospel through their work, their deep commitment to the people they serve and their Faith. In essence, they lead by example and have helped to change, for the better, millions of lives all over the globe.

It is fitting then that the theme for this years’ Mission Month of October is ‘That they may have life’…life in all its richness and dignity. The richness of knowing the Gospel and Jesus Christ and the dignity of having food to eat, a roof to sleep under and work to go to.

Through their work, our missionaries strive to make all this a reality for the people they serve.

‘The Society for the Propagation of the Faith’ organises the Mission Sunday collection in all Churches nationwide, which this year takes place on the 19th October.

We are invited to reflect on our call to bring Christ to others, while remembering to pray and to assist the young churches that they may have the spiritual and financial resources to grow and in turn announce the Good News.

For further information on the world of the Propagation of the Faith or to make a donation please visit www.wmi.ie.