A Year of Celebration to Saint Brigid 524 – 2024

“St. Brigid is a beacon and guide to us today in these times of transition and change. Her spirit filters down through the history and culture of our land… She provides us with a glimpse into the past, but her story can also illuminate our future.”

The Archdiocese of Armagh announces the commencement, on the 1st February 2024, of a year-long celebration and calendar of events marking the 1500th anniversary of the life and ministry of Saint Brigid. This year represents a tribute to the enduring legacy of this remarkable woman, born in Faughart Parish in north Co. Louth, whose spirit continues to inspire and guide us to this day.

In a joint message to parishes, Archbishop Eamon Martin and Auxiliary Bishop Michael Router expressed their excitement about the upcoming commemoration, describing St. Brigid as a beacon and guide for contemporary society. The year ahead promises a rich calendar of events and activities, honouring the faith and values embodied by St. Brigid, and aims at fostering connections between the past and our present.

The celebration is not merely a historical reflection but an invitation for all parish communities to participate and embracing the values championed by St. Brigid—spirituality, compassion, healing, environmental stewardship, arts, social justice, peace, hospitality, and education.

The year-long commemoration in the Archdiocese of Armagh features a series of faith-based events which are designed to inspire a new generation to engage with St. Brigid and the faith she embraced. The organizers encourage and invite everyone to not only celebrate history but to craft a vibrant legacy of their own by incorporating St. Brigid’s teachings into their lives and communities.

St. Brigid’s life was rooted in compassion and serves as a testament to her timeless spirit. The Archdiocese of Armagh aims to ensure that her light continues to shine brightly through the unwavering commitment of individuals and communities to create a better world.

Archbishop Eamon Martin and Bishop Michael Router invite the public to join in this celebration of St. Brigid, expressing their hope that the festivities will resonate in the hearts of all, creating ripples of hope and renewal not only across the island but wherever Irish people have settled around the world.

As the year unfolds, the Archdiocese of Armagh looks forward to engaging with communities, fostering a sense of unity, and celebrating the extraordinary legacy of St. Brigid.

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