The Armagh Diocesan Committee for Safeguarding Children updated the Diocesan Policy and Procedures for Safeguarding Children and the new document was ratified by the Cardinal and Bishop on Friday 8th January 2010.


Click here to view as one document: Interim Policy & Procedures

Below are links to the different sections of the Policy

Main Document

Standard 1: Diocesan Policy Statement

Standard 2: How to respond to Allegations and Suspicions of Abuse

Standard 3: Preventing Harm to Children

a) Recruitment and Selection

b) Code of Behaviour

c) Creating a Safe Environment

Additional Good Practice Guidelines for pilgrimage/residential programmes

Standard 4: Training and Education for Keeping Children Safe

Standard 5: Communicating the Church’s Safeguarding Message

Standard 6: Access to Advice and Support

Standard 7: Implementing and Monitoring the Standards



Appendix One – What is Child Abuse

Appendix Two – Contact Details for Church and other support services

Appendix Three – Various Safeguarding Roles in the Archdiocese

Appendix Four – Guidelines for Use of Modern Technology


The document was written in line with the Standards and Guidance Document released by the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church.